New field in Opera regarding Late Reporting

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HMRC Late Reporting legislation
A new field has been added to PTRAN (pt_lastpay) to allow for the provision of reporting when companies meet the Late Reporting criteria.
NB: An Update Data Structures must be run after upgradingThe field is updated when a payment is made against an Invoice regardless of whether it clears the Invoice balance in full.  This is to cater for a scenario where the final balance of the Invoice is Credited.Therefore any report written in Reporter XRL v1.64 will need to exclude Purchase Invoices where the the pt_lastpay field is populated but the pt_trbal field is not 0.00.

The new field is required as the historical pt_payday field, is cleared at Purchase Period End.

Affected Products & Releases
Affected Product Affected Release Patch Status Notes
PG – Opera 3 2.40.11
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