Changes to the Statement and Remittance Reports within V3.50.00

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Changes to the Statement and Remittance Reports within V3.50.00

When printing the statement report within Capital Accounts (V3.50.00) and above, the pre-printed option is not working correctly. This is due to the fact that the manner in which the pre-printed option works for these reports has changed.

The Pre-printed option within Capital Gold Accounts (V3.00.00) decided whether or not the company header information was printed. However, it has been found that this does not provide a plain paper statement or remittance option for customers who are not using Pegasus Stationery.

Capital Gold Accounts (V3.50.00) remains the same as (V3.01.01) so that when the pre-printed option is switched on the Statement/Remittance headings and the column headers are not printed on the report. If the pre-printed option is off the Statement/Remittance headings and the column headers are displayed on the report.

A software update has corrected this issue within Capital Gold Accounts (V3.52.00).

As an immediate workaround please download the zip reports found within the right hand downloads pane, and save these to the Capital Gold/User Reports folder. Winzip must be installed to extract the actual report files from the saved .zip files to provide slstate.rpt and plremit.rpt files. These extracted .rpt files must be saved to the same User Reports folder as the zip files. Should Winzip or equivalent not be available please visit the offical website to install the current version.

When the Statements/Remittances are next run, Capital Gold will instead use these amended .rpt reports.

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