Pegasus Opera 3 Release 2.43.01

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Pegasus Opera 3 Release 2.43.01

What’s new

This release includes the following changes:

·New Online Filing Manager release (version 4.00)

·Auto enrolment ‘staging date’ & ‘duties start date’

·Serious ill health payments

·D2 > D8 Tax Codes

·Support for Windows 10 Creators Upgrade.

Online Filing Manager (4.00)

The existing Government Gateway, which has been used since 2002, will soon be migrated to a new HMRC Multi Digital Tax Platform (MDTP). This uses a different web address to the exiting gateway. Online Filing Manager (4.00) has been updated to use this new web address.

You can upgrade your Online Filing Manager installation to Online Filing Manager (4.00)as soon as you receive the software. However, you must upgrade your installation before approximately 13 February 2018, after which point the current gateway service will end.

Auto enrolment ‘staging date’ & ‘duties start date’ From 1 October 2017, new employers will not be given a Staging Date by the Pensions Regulator. They will instead have what is referred to as a Duties Start Date, which will be the date that their first member of staff starts to work for them.

TheStaging Datefield on theAuto Enrolment Settingsform on the Utilities menu in Payroll is now also used for the Duties Start Date.

Serious ill health payments

If pension pots are paid in a lump sum because of serious ill health, this information must be included in the Full Payment Submission that is sent to HMRC for that period.

TheDetails & Bankform on thePayroll Processing’s Action menunow includes an indicator for this called ‘Serious Ill Health Lump Sum’.

To pay a pension lump sum for serious ill health reasons, theFlexible Pensionbox must be ticked on the payment profile used for the payment.

D2 > D8 Tax Codes

HMRC has introduced new codes ranging from D2 to D8 in case the Scottish Parliament uses its power to introduce new tax bands. If this happens these codes can now be used in Opera Payroll.

Windows 10 Creators

This Windows 10 Creators Upgrade is now supported. Please see theSoftware Requirements guidefor a list of supported environments.

User guides your resource for PDF user guides.


Please refer to the relevant sections in the F1 Help for details of the changes for this upgrade.
October 2017
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