Pegasus Opera 3 Release 2.50.10

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Pegasus Opera 3 Release 2.50.10

Release summary

This release includes uplifted files for the latest Scottish tax band changes that have been confirmed by the Scottish Parliament for the 2018-19 tax year. The intermediate rate Scottish Tax band has changed from £32,423 to £31,580.

To uplift the Scottish tax bands

Repeat for all Payroll companies.

1.If you are upgrading from a version before Opera 3 (2.50.00) or Opera II (7.70.00), you must runUpdate Data Structuresafter installing the software. This is not required if you are upgrading from Opera 3 (2.50.00) or Opera II (7.70.00).

2.Open thePayroll – Utilities – Copy Statutory Ratesform, select the ‘Set to System Default’ option and clickOK.

Software versions

Opera 3 – 2.50.10

Opera II – 7.70.10

Online Filing Manager – 4.01.00

User guides your resource for PDF user guides.

Legislation & Product Changes Guide: This guide will help you understand the background and product changes for this year’s payroll upgrade for the 2017-18 tax year-end and the new 2018-19 tax year.

Checklists guide: This guide will help you understand the steps to upgrade your Opera and Online Filing Manager installations, complete the year-end including filing final Real Time Information (RTI) submissions and start the 2018-19 tax year.


Please refer to the relevant sections in the F1 Help for details of the changes for this upgrade.
February 2018
Affected Products & Releases
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PG – Opera 3 2.50.10
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