Pegasus P11D Organiser 2018 2.1 release information

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Pegasus P11D Organiser 2018 2.1 release information


This release addresses any legislative and software changes required since May 2017 and includes software enhancements.

HMRC Compliance

HMRC approved Facsimile forms:

  • 2017-18 P11D Facsimile form
  • 2017-18 P11D (b) Facsimile form
  • 2018-19 P46 (Car) Facsimile form

HMRC Submission routines – revised to accommodate OpRA legislation:

  • 2017-18 P11D and P11D(b) FBI Submission routines
  • 2018-19 P46 (Car) FBI Submission routine

Legislative changes

In readiness for the 2018/2019 tax year:

  • The company car fuel multiplier has increased from £22,600 to £23,400
  • Diesel supplement has increased from 3% to 4% for all diesel cars not certified to the Real Driving Emissions 2 (RDE2) standard
  • Set company car appropriate percentages have changed to 13% for cars with CO2 emissions of 0-50g/km.  All other rates have increased by 2% reaching the maximum of 37% for emissions of 180g/km or more (excludes Diesels – not RDE2 – which is reached by 160g/km due to supplements)
  • Vans: Changes for vans for 2018-19
  • Van benefit charge has increased from £3,230 to £3,350
  • Van fuel benefit charge has increased from £610 to £632
  • Revision to System Admin. functionality within a user’s profile to provide functionality to delete and purge tax year data to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) when beyond the required data retention period.

Deleted areas include: Data files, Filing by Internet Submission Data and XML documents, Importing Records and Logs and Exported Data located in default location.

Backup files and information stored external to the default system locations will NOT be deleted.

Software enhancements

  • Filing by Internet submission process has been revised – the Government Gateway (VSIPS URL). This caters for the Government Gateway URL changes on 14 February 2018.
  • A dedicated payrolled value has been introduced for benefits separate from the Made Good field.
  • Extract reports (CSV/XLS) have been extended to show Cash Forgone and payrolled information.
  • Extract report for Medical (CSV/XLS) has been extended to show whether Pro-Rating has been used to determine BiK.
  • Extract report for Cars (CSV/XLS) has been revised to show Appropriate Percentage and not Discount applied.
  • Access has been disabled to EEC Filing for tax years where floppy disk submission was not accepted.
  • The presentation of information on the following screens has been revised:
  • Employer Screen: now includes Asset List associated with the employer and other configuration settings.
  • Employee Screen: includes new Exempt from Payrolling indicator and PayGroup to accommodate the Payroll in which the employee is included.
  • All Benefit Section Screens: removed tabbed input and now has a one form data capture screen and a Show Calculation screen for complicated benefit calculations.
  • Cars/Vans/Accommodation have quick access to Modify Asset during the edit benefit process.
  • Car dates on summary reflecting the P11D form format such as blank date when available since the first day of the tax year or available on the last day unless provided/returned on that day.
  • Import routines have been revised to allow the import of annual Cash Forgone values and values where the BiK has been payrolled during the year.











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