Pegasus Web Xchange

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Pegasus Web Xchange

Latest version 2.00.30
Released June 2018
Latest details This version of Pegasus Web Xchange includes changes to allow users’ personal data recorded for their Pegasus Web Xchange account to be deleted by a Pegasus Web Xchange administrator. This is one of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The following personal details can be recorded for each user account:

  • Account ID (which could also be the user’s name)

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Fax number

  • email address.

These user details can be deleted in the administration section of the website for the service being used (Payroll Self Service, TImesheets or Mobile Sales) by first using the Delete link and then the Delete archived user link on the new Archived Users tab page. Audit records are also deleted.

If users cannot be deleted then their user name and surname, phone number and so on will automatically be anonymised.

Administrator accounts must be retained for audit trail as they will have been used to change other user’s data.

Deleting other employee personal data – address details, payslips and P60 details for example, must be done in Opera 3. The deletion will then be automatically propagated to Pegasus Web Xchange.

Customers would have to install the current version of Pegasus Web Xchange and the latest version of Opera 3.

Affected Products & Releases
Affected Product Affected Release Patch Status Notes
PG – Web Xchange 2.00.30
PG – Opera 3 2.52.10 Complete
PG – Opera 3 SQL 2.52.10 Complete
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