Releases of Opera 3 (1.81.10) and Opera II (7.21.10)

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Releases of Opera 3 (1.81.10) and Opera II (7.21.10)


The following software is available for download from the Infor Xtreme website (

  • Opera 3 (1.81.10) and Opera II (7.21.10)
  • DIT3 (1.81.10)


A new activation key will not be required.


What’s New?


There are a small number of enhancements to the CRM application and a key change to SOP/Invoicing correcting the Account Contact e-mail address not pre-populating the e-mail when auto e-mail is not used:


  • When raising an Invoice in SOP/Invoicing and selecting the Email tab on the Publisher form, if the e-mail checkboxes on the Sales Processing – Terms form are unticked, the Account Contact e-mail address is now pre-populating by default on the Microsoft Office e-mail form


  • If the Order contact e-mail address does not exist but an Account contact e-mail address is present, then the Account contact e-mail address is used when raising a sales order. This is consistent with earlier versions


  • To create consistency in which contact receives the e-mails whether generated using the automated functionality or individually, the Order Contact e-mail address (if present) will be pre-populated on the e-mail, when an Order is progressed to a Delivery


For full details of all the changes, visit the Partner website or refer to the ReadMe on Infor Xtreme.



Interface Changes


Please find below details of the changes which may affect bespoke applications due to amendments/enhancements made within Opera 3 and Opera II.



SCR 40752 — Helpdesk Daily View is not displaying calls that have a status of either Raised, Travelling or Working

frmJXDailyHDView amended



SCR 40741 — Helpdesk Processing – Sending Emails to various parties that can be linked to a HD Call

New form – frmCallDetails_EmailOpera – launched when emailing from frmCallDetails_Opera



SCR 40590 — Helpdesk In-Tray – provide the ability to display a specific Priority level in the grid

frmJXHelpDeskInTray                                                    layout amended



SCR 40552 — Automatically display Won/Lost Opportunities in Opportunities tabs in CRM

frmJXCompanies_Opera                                    Opportunites page amended

frmJXMultiContact_Opera                                  Opportunites page amended

frmJXReferral                                                    Opportunites page amended



SCR 40339 — Converting a CRM Prospect to a Customer Account in the Sales Ledger

Terms and Options values now set to the values defaulted to when A/Cs are created in Opera 3 / Opera II.



SCR 40183 — CRM Enhancement Request – Display full details of Description, Resolution and Notes on the (Engineer) Call Sheet

Report JXHDCALLSHEETMULTIPLE.FRX                                               amended




Data Structure Changes


Name Type Length Caption Default
SHOWWONOP L 1 Show Won Opportunities False
SHOWLOSTOP L 1 Show Lost Opportunities False




If you have any queries about this release, please contact Support on 01536 495118 or e-mail


Affected Products & Releases

Affected Product Affected Release Patch Status Notes
PG – DIT 3 1.81.10
PG – Developers Integration Toolkit 7.21.10 Complete
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