Software: Opera 3 Stocktake

Have you outgrown your current stock system, or is it restricting your growth and stopping you being able to meet customer demand? Do you know the precise location of your stock and it’s value? Or perhaps your legacy stock management system isn’t integrated with purchasing and manufacturing leading to inaccurate decision making and cash flow issues.

The Stocktake application available in Opera 3 gives you a precise overview of your stock. It integrates with purchasing and manufacturing so accurate decisions can be made, and helps you meet customer demand and delivery dates for optimum customer service. 

  • Inventory Management

    Stock takes are an essential part of maintaining the accuracy of a stock control system. Knowing that your stock levels are accurate means that you can take sales orders from your customers, confident that your delivery dates will be met. That’s exactly what you get with the Inventory Manager feature.


    Stocktake Profiles

    Stocktake Profiles can be defined that assign common attributes to determine how stock items are processed in Stocktake. It’s possible, for instance, to define acceptable tolerance percentages where actual quantities found during a stock take can be different to the quantities held in Opera 3, but if they fall within those tolerance levels, a balancing stock adjustment will not be made.

How Stocktake is managed in Opera 3

  • The first step is to select the stock items from Opera 3 and add them to Stocktake.
  • Then you can print worksheets which can be used to physically count the stock. Any number of people can be involved in this.
  • The worksheets can be distributed to staff to check the stock and mark up with the actual quantities found.
  • After counting the physical stock, the stock quantities on the worksheets can be used to update the Stocktake application. The operator can also add notes to describe the condition of the stock items counted.

Each stock item that has a different physical quantity compared to that held in Opera 3 Stock Control will generate a stock adjustment posting, bringing the Opera 3 stock levels up to date. This could result in either a reduction or an increase in stock levels.


Stocktake for Opera 3 eliminates the need to post adjustments individually, which is time-consuming, and helps maintain stock levels accurately. By identifying any movements not accounted for by normal processing, it helps to pinpoint the rate of loss, the cost implications and any discrepancies which, for example, could be a direct result of damaged goods.


Stocktake extracts product information from Opera 3, so that stock items can be allocated to worksheets for a manual count. See it in action!

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