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XRL Versions – Part 1 – Datalink Versions

The XRL CD (which consists of the Q&A suite and the various DataLinks) has a version numbers associated with it.  The following table lists the XRL versions and associated product version numbers that the DataLinks were updated to match

= Not changed since previous version(s)
** This may be misreported in the product as 01.003.
(D) XRL 1.43 and above requires at least CIS 3.00 due to the significant restructuring of the CIS database.
(E) From this point onwards the unbranded Infor PM Q&A engine is used.
(F) Update required due to building some Operations II DLLs using VFP9. NO field updates are included in this release.

XRL Versions – Part 2 – Windows and Office Versions

 The search engine version information can be found within the Q & A set-up and click on help and about.

Affected Products & Releases

Affected ProductAffected ReleasePatch StatusNotes
PG – Pegasus XRLUnspecified
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