Software Overview

At Pegasus we understand that not one size fits all. That’s why we created Opera 3, an award-winning modular based system that allows you to build your software to suit your business. Choose from applications including Financials, Reporting, CRM and more to build a system that works for your business, fully integrated and flexible. What’s more, you can add to it as your business grows.

View the Opera 3 applications below, and when you are ready, click “contact us” to get in touch.


Gain a complete overview and analysis of your cash flow

Supply Chain

Put control of the entire supply chain at your fingertips


business Intelligence

Access key information, when and where you need it


Our solutions help you manage your components and processes

Contract Costing

Specialist software designed to manage your contracts and costs


Work smarter and convert prospects into sales

Document Management

Store all your important business documents in one place

Service & Helpdesk Management

Effectively manage after-sales service and care